Severe Asthma Research Program    (SARP)
A National Institutes of Health/ National Heart, Lung & Blood Institutes
sponsored network

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Welcome Medical and Academic Professionals

SARP is the world’s most comprehensive study of adults and children with severe asthma, linking 7 leading asthma clinical university centers and 1 data coordination center through a National Institutes of Health-sponsored network. To date, over 1500 asthma patients and healthy individuals have participated.  The network’s mission is to improve the understanding of severe asthma to develop better treatments.

Severe Asthma is a debilitating form of asthma which afflicts up to 15% of asthma sufferers.   It can develop in childhood, often in association with allergies, or come on later in life in relation to respiratory infections, hormonal changes or environmental exposures.   Unlike "usual" asthma, severe asthma often does not respond well to currently available medications.  Thus, the lives of patients with severe asthma are often dramatically impacted by the burden of their disease.

The Scientific Mission of the Severe Asthma Research Program 
is to improve the understanding of severe asthma to develop better treatments.  The SARP will gain a better understanding of asthma and its endotypes, in children and adults, by defining the disease at the molecular and cellular levels in the context of the temporal phenotypic expression of the disease.

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